Education for All

“The future of economic development is investing in people.”

College Access and Affordability

  • Residents work two or more jobs just trying to stay above water and companies can’t fill good-paying jobs. That doesn’t make sense. 
  • Many communities have decided to invest in their future by coming together to promise students and residents that if they want to get a degree, then finances won’t be an obstacle.
  • Council President Hardin understands firsthand how the student debt crisis is crushing more than a generation of Americans. By making a promise to Columbus kids that they could get a degree or certificate regardless of their family’s income, we could prevent the next generation from going into debt just for a shot at the American dream.

Universal Pre-K

  • Every three and four years old in Columbus deserves high-quality pre-k. 
  • Universal Pre-K is shown to be one of the most impactful anti-poverty and youth development tools available.
  • As working families continue to struggle with pre-k, Council President Hardin will continue fighting for the resources Columbus residents deserve. 

Supporting Columbus City Schools

  • In addition to fighting for Columbus kids entering and graduating from the k-12 system, Council President Hardin is also working to support Columbus kids in-and-out of the classroom. 
  • Council President Hardin brought the Barbershop Books program to Columbus. Barbershop Books is a national program focused on helping kids say three critical words, “I’m a reader.” Columbus is now the largest barbershop books city in the country. 
  • During the COVID-19 crisis, Council President Hardin helped pass more than $7 million dollars worth of legislation to ensure every Columbus student had the technology they needed to participate fully in remote learning.